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Domaine Michel Gaunuox

The most respected yet the most low key domaine in Pommard, Domaine Michel Gaunoux is considered by its peers and the critics alike as THE reference of the appellation (Pommard). Allen Meadow called it one of the finest domaine in all Burgundy and it counts Michelin restaurants such as Taillevent, La Tour d'Argent and Guy Savoy, as well as the owner of DRC Aubert de Villaine as its royal long time clients. The late Michel Gaunoux was considered the most talented wine-maker of his time, building up the domaine's legendary status. Following his premature death in 1984, his widow and his son Alexandre took over and the style and quality remain the same.


Gaunoux's wines are made in a very traditional way with the longevity for aging. The domaine is famous for its extensive cellar, storing older vintages going back to 1920s and 1930s, extremely rare in today's Burgundy. Commercially, Michel Gaunoux releases its bottles several years later than most of its peers and declassifies its wines in lesser vintages, such as in 1986, 1991 and 2000, when it considered the quality was not up to the usual high standard. The style of Michel Gaunoux wines is rich, deep with supple elegance. These perfumed wines have wonderful velvety texture on palate even when young, yet are also built to age for decades. Domaine's Pommard holdings include two most famous 1er Crus: Rugien-Bas and Grands Epenots, both official candidates for the promotion to Grand Crus. The domaine's Corton and Beaune are also superb.



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