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The lost hamlet of Blagny, up in the hills between Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault in the Côte d’Or, is home to Domaine Comtesse Bernard de Chérisey.

Anne de Chérisey, Comtesse Bernard de Chérisey, has handled this family estate with his two brothers Jacques and Jean Louis. They represent the 6th generation (since 1811) In 1998, Helene, her daughter take over the vineyard and create the domain Martelet de Chérisey.

This magical, lost-in-time corner of the world boasts a unique microclimate, with a slightly different average temperature, exposition and soil than the rest of Burgundy. The couple inherited their vines from Hélène’s mother - Anne de Chérisey, Comtesse Bernard de Chérisey.

All of the de Chérisey vines are premier cru, are at least 60 years old, and they encircle their ancient cellar in the Hameau de Blagny. The family is proud to claim the title of farmer-winegrowers. Very limited use of chemicals as well as SO2.


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