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Macan & Macan Classico

Bodegas Benjamin de Rothchild & Vega Sicilia S.A.

Both made from 100% Tempranillo, Macan 2009 and second wine MacanClasico 2009 are the fruits of collaboration with Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia.


Macan is the result of a unique new partnership between Vega Sicilia andBenjamin de Rothschild born out of a meeting between Pablo Alvarez and Benjamin de Rothschild in 2003.  At that time Benjamin was looking for help to invest and produce wine in Spain and Pablo agreed, not to help but to become a joint partner in a brand new venture.  The new venture was christened BR&VS (surely the only unimaginative part of the whole project) and the two partners chose Rioja to be its home as both Pablo and Benjamin recognised its great (still largely untapped) potential and hugely admired many of its wines.  It took more than a few years to find and buy the right vineyards, amidst much secrecy to avoid speculation!  Once the very best vineyard sites had been secured, two wines were produced.  In the classic style of Bordeaux, there is a 'Grand Vin' (Macan) and a 'second wine' (Macan Clásico).

MACAN is the name chosen for the wines, derived from a traditional name for the people of the sub-region of Rioja. Each year, they aim to produce two wines,MACAN and MACAN CLASICO, a first and a second wine following the Bordeaux tradition of classification by tasting the different lots and bottling a first wine with more potential and a second wine more expressive and easy to drink when young. This is perhaps the most notable influence of the Rothschild family on the project, because otherwise all viticulture and winemaking is in the hands of the Vega Sicilia team.


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