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Karuizawa Thousand Arrows” is a special edition released in 2015. Featuring the three hero of "The Last Stand of the Kusunoki Heroes at Shijo-Nawate", an ukiyo-e painting by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. This battle was between the army of the Southern Court and the Northern Court. In the painting, the leader Kusunoki Masatsura and his followers Wada Shinbochi Kenshu and Wada Shinbei Masatomo Pressed forward against a hail of arrows, fearlessly facing their death and destiny.


“Karuizawa Thousand Arrows” is a set of 3 bottles, from the cask distilled in 1980, 1981 and 1982. Only 257 sets globally. By matching the beautiful Karuizawa whisky with the glorious piece of art, we proudly present you “Karuizawa Thousand Arrows” As a mark of courage and respect . 


Distilled in 1980, Bottled in 2015

Cask# 8317 / ABV 56.5% / 700mL


Distilled in 1981, Bottled in 2015

Cask# 6355 / ABV 59.8% / 700mL


Distilled in 1982,Bottled in 2015

Cask# 2510 / ABV 55.2% 

Karuizawa Thousand Arrows

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